The Confidence I Lack

confidence-words says, “Confidence comes from the feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind (self-esteem) and belief in your own ability, skills and experiences.” This statement cannot be more true. If someone is only missing one part of this is can cause them problems with their confidence. If that imbalance isn’t corrected or helped it could cause major problems in the future as well. They also say that confidence issues can be caused by a hand full of things, some of them being ones I have personally experienced like being criticized and failing in the past.

For as long, as I can remember I’ve never had much confidence in myself. No matter what I’ve done, who I’ve spoken to, I’ve never felt like I had a reason to be confident in myself. I’ve always thought that I could never be as good as the people around me. Everyone around me seems so sure and confident in what they are doing all the time. Sometimes I watch others around me and wonder how they can be so confident all the time.

I try not to spend time dwelling on the fact that I do have such low confidence and self-esteem but this semester is causing me to have to face it. I try not to do things that will cause people to criticize me or make me seem like a failure, but this semester is causing me to come out of my comfort zone a lot. Not only am I having to put myself in situations where I will be critiqued by my classmates but it also may make me look like a failure if I don’t do my work correctly. It’s also causing me to have to deal with my insecurities. I’m also having to put all my experiences and some work on a LinkedIn profile where anyone across the world can see it.

My advisor told me that I need to be more confident in myself. That there honestly isn’t reason, that she can see, for me not to have some confidence in myself. It’s like I’m finally have this big wakeup call and I’m not really, sure how I feel about it yet. In truth, I hope that through the LinkedIn profile and the weekly critiques from my classmates I’ll be able to gain a little more confidence in myself to help me succeed in the future.


Photo Credit: Kenny Santos


3 thoughts on “The Confidence I Lack

  1. Blogging is new to me as well, and I can see where you are coming from when it comes to finding the confidence in yourself when it comes to putting yourself out there. I believe confidence is something that all of us develop at our own pace. With your blog, you are going to have to face the issues of being critiqued by classmates and doing your work correctly, but I believe when you are forced to do something over and over again, you will gain a greater sense of how to accomplish it. With time, you will become more comfortable in the blogging environment, and you will slowly begin to build confidence in yourself and your work. You just have to keep doing it.

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  2. Kayece I totally agree with you! I feel the same while studying here at SMWC, the instructors here are friendly and always being around for us, but I still feel likeI can’t do anything one hundred percent correct, everyone around me seems to be so sure about what to do and how to do, but I am not, even I know that’s the right thing to do I still feel doubt on it, but again yes, I agree with you that hopefully through the critiques from peer review or from our other friends, I’m sure you can do this, we all can!

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