Finding the Information

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At the very beginning of the Hauteans in Motion project, I thought it was going to be pretty easy. I just needed to gather some information, write up my findings, take some pictures and add those pictures to my work. After a week or so I realized how hard it actually is to obtain the information I wanted to. At one point I wanted to write a little about the potential of the old Concannon High School in West Terre Haute and how it could be made into a place for the homeless or something productive. But after doing some research I realized that finding who owned the place and then finding people to interview about what it was like there and what it is being used for now was going to take time that I didn’t have to spare.

Most of my articles that I’m writing have been about me going into places and doing my research that way. But sadly, I do not drive and I live at home so I had to go off of my mother’s schedule to get a ride when she had the time and money. To add onto this I also had to work some of the restaurant owners to try to figure out if they would be in when I came by to visit. So most of my research and questioning have been through emails or Facebook messaging.

One of my articles is about the Indiana Theatre, I’ve been in there once before but only took a few photos at the time. So, I was hoping to get into contact with the owner and take a tour to take photos and ask questions. I emailed and called, but apparently they were too busy to bother contacting me back, so I’ve done a lot of internet research. It really upsets me that they wouldn’t want to promote the theatre on our website.

I’ve come to a major understanding of what journalists and news reporters go through. It also makes me respect them and what they do a lot more because I know how hard it is to gather information in a short amount of time. In this day and age, it’s hard to get and maintain a job when you have limited skills and connections. So, being able to be versatile and flexible today would definitely come in handy.

“Versatility in this context means having as many skills as possible to help you succeed.” – Tony Rogers

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5 thoughts on “Finding the Information

  1. This was definitely a problem I had! I had a fairly hard time trying to work out a time to meet with Candace at the White Violet Center because we were both so busy! It’s a shame that the owner of the Indiana Theater didn’t want to take the time to promote the business and work with you for your post. I definitely agree that this project is a LOT harder than I had first anticipated!


  2. Great article!! This is the learning process that we are supposed to be getting out of this. I am glad we are going through this so it can prepare us for the work that we will be doing after college. It does stink that some people won’t give us the time of day due to their busy schedules but it’s teaching us very important things about journalism!


  3. I had the same thoughts when I first started doing the legwork for my articles. I’ve done similar work before when I had my internship, and didn’t really have a hard time, so I didn’t expect to struggle with these projects. The restaurant article is easy, but the composting article- oh my goodness, I’m struggling with that one.
    I will say that I love meeting with the owners of these local businesses and making those connections, and the way you talk about it in your post makes it obvious that you do too.


  4. Trying to work with different schedules always seems to lead to issues. Everyone has so many different things going on in their lives and sometimes it’s difficult to make time for other things. It’s a shame the owner of Indiana Theater never contacted you back, but I hope you got what you needed from your other research.


  5. I think we all came into this project with expectations of what it would be like and when we found it to be harder to gather the information we needed, we realized there’s a whole heck of a lot more than good ideas and motivation. We had to find a way around conflicting schedules and those who didn’t bother to email us back. We found it to be a real struggle and we overcame. Let’s finish strong!


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