The Potential that Surrounds Us

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There’s a big issue with the way Terre Haute and West Terre Haute is viewed. It is the thought that no matter what happens TH and WTH will never be any more than what it is. Which to most people they see it as the worst place to live, or like a hole they can’t seem to get out of. They don’t see the potential of what these places can be if given the chance.

“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Winston Churchill

This quote to me speaks volumes because it is so true for this area. No one is willing to put in the effort to make this place better. The potential of this area is not measured by the intelligence of its people or the strength of its community. It is and should be measured by the effort that the community puts into making the area a better place. If people of this community put in the effort to make this place better or at least to see the growth it could make this place would become so much better.

One of the problems with this area is how run down it looks. There are so many buildings and houses that are abandoned or not being taken care of and everyone just thinks that that’s the way things will always be. In buildings that are abandoned there is potential for a so many different possibilities. For example, instead of these new restaurants coming in and constructing brand new buildings, some of the old ones could be fixed and remodeled and used.

It’s as if no one in this area sees where this area can grow. It is so frustrating for someone who lives here and sees the potential but there’s nothing being done. That’s why one of my articles for our “Hauteans in Motion” webpage, I want to show the potential that my little home town has. I want people to see the visions I have and see the potential that I see when I look around.

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3 thoughts on “The Potential that Surrounds Us

  1. I’ve noticed this as well during my short 3 years being in and around Terre Haute and West Terre Haute. While the two are actually one and the same city, it seems like most of the people living here disassociate the two- making them two completely different cities. I feel like that is clear physically too. As you drive over the Wabash river, across the bridge, it sometimes feel as though you have crossed into another place. Terre Haute proper seems vibrant and beautiful, whereas West Terre Haute feels tired and run-down. West Terre Haute can be an amazing place. I agree with you that people have to find a way to care about where they’re living, but once they do, I feel like West Terre Haute has amazing potential!


  2. Growing up everyone always talked badly of West Terre Haute and made fun of the people who lived there. It upsets me and I don’t even live there. I know a lot of good people who live in the town. I hope your articles bring light to the town it definitely deserves it!


  3. I’m looking forward to reading your article Kayece! I know some people feel the same way about parts of Terre Haute; that they’re awful and always will be! But that doesn’t have to be true- if people really care and want things to change, they will.


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