When the K-9 Unit and the Disabled Meet


In Terre Haute, there are a handful of places where adults with disabilities can go during the day while their parents, guardians, or caregivers are busy. Most people who live in the area have no idea the amount of places that are available or that there even are places like that. I am very aware of these places since my older sister has been going to these day programs ever since she graduated high school. I have recently been volunteering there, so during one of their events I decided to do my live tweeting. The day program she is going to now is called Developmental Services, Inc., or DSI for short.

My mother has also recently been doing her internship there and has been setting up events for the clients to have. These events can be set up by any of the workers or interns; these events can also consist of different things. For example, on Valentine’s Day they had a party, which included cake, punch, food trays, decorations, a DJ showed up, dancing, and some of the clients even dressed up. During my live tweet event, my mother had invited the Terre Haute Police Department’s K-9 Unit to come and talk to the clients. The clients were informed about what the K-9 Unit specializes in, the clients asked questions, and even got the opportunity to pet the dog.

During the event, I found it hard to interact with people and the dog while being on my phone.  The clients are always active and wanting to interact with the workers or guests, so it was difficult for me at some points to interact and tweet at the same time. It was also a little difficult for me to listen to what the officer was saying while trying to tweet about what was going on. I did find it a little fun to be writing about what was going on as it was happening. It was like what Christopher Long said in “The Art of Live-Tweeting, that since it is public, I felt like I had an audience while at this event. It definitely added something new for me, since I’m not used to writing about an event until after it had happened.

I think that tweeting during an event could be beneficial to people who might have wanted to go to the event but was unable to. It would allow those people to feel like they were there or know what happened at the event. Especially during events like sporting events, lectures, business meetings, or even during awards shows. It would keep people up to date on what was happening during that event. I’m not sure events like stand up shows, plays, or musicals would be an ideal event to tweet about since people wouldn’t be able to tweet about everything that was said or done.

During this process, I had a feeling that practically no one would be tweeting about the same event or something like it. Which ended up being true, but I did learn that there are a lot more things out there talking about DSI and different K-9 Units. I also learned while I was tweeting that if there is a spelling error or I wanted to change or add something to my tweet I couldn’t I would have to delete it and start over.

Photo Credit: DSI



One thought on “When the K-9 Unit and the Disabled Meet

  1. It is true that we can barely pay attention to two things simultaneously, I was in a spin while doing NBA live tweeting, I have to use the timeout to tweet something just happened and go back to the live broadcast right after that, so I have to make my post short and simple that way I can barely catch up the pace of the game. Also, your topic of live tweeting is interesting, I’ve never thought that we could do a live tweeting of that. Good job!

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